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All cleaned, organized, and packed in my F-Stop Gear Loka for my first wedding shoot tomorrow.
A little late, but it’s been way to long since I bought a skate mag. Regardless of free online content, nothing beats good art direction and double page photo spreads.
Found some old photos from March that I didn’t use
John Nadeau - Flat 360 Japan
Liam Casey
Sean Mcelligott
Jordan Clarke
Jordan Innes
Fantastic sunny day in the Whistler Backcountry!
“A great ski photo doesn’t necessarily compromise technical craft, startling angle or great composition, but simply commands sensation”
A Sunny Day on Blackcomb

It’s been a great two days in Whistler so far. Shot a few photos with Liam Upton today, no powder but I can’t complain with +5 and sunny.



So unbelievably stoked with my new F-Stop Loka, all loaded up for my flight. Can’t wait to take this thing out in the backcountry. Also look out for a full in-depth review coming soon!
One of the 12 prints I picked up today from #gpclabworks So stoked on how these turned out, mailing my Ryerson Photography portfolio tomorrow!
Capitalize at the Clocktower 8

Returning for its eighth year, Capitalize at the Clocktower continues to be one of Ottawa’s biggest ski and snowboard events of the year. Each fall; skiers, snowboarders, and fans gather at the Clocktower Brew Pub to celebrate Ottawa’s love for snow. Setup for the event starts days in advance with the scaffolding on order, the rails built, and the Half Cab Productions crew out hunting local arena’s for snow.

This year’s course featured two down rails, as well as a butter box in between, allowing riders to hit both rails from each side. The almost one hundred riders are broken up into five heats of eleven male snowboarders, two female snowboarders, and five skiers. The top two snowboarders, top female, and top skier from each heat move onto the finals. Riders are judges on overall impression based on style, consistency, and technicality; Capitalize is not a best trick contest. Well-known athletes are invited to compete, with a number of spots opening up to new comers each year.


The Half Cab Crew puts the finishing touches on the setup as riders wait to drop in

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Monday Fog.
Bon Iver - Ottawa, ON