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Final critique of first year; damn that went by fast!
Reunited today after six weeks at the repair shop! Unfortunately, still seems to have that dreaded light leak. More test rolls tomorrow.
The Hoof at golden hour; almost wrapped up my photo production 4x5 final.
Robert Crenson - Cork 720 Tail
Front row for one of the most energetic shows of my life!
Had a really good chat with Chris today, definitely stop by if your ever in the area.
Best day of the season yesterday!
Ski season is sadly starting to come to an end. Closing weekend at @mountstlouis should be a blast! 
Yonge St & ?
Some photos of Cole Drexler on the Outdoor Tech site. Can’t wait for Meanwhile In Canada to drop on Monday!http://www.outdoortechnology.com/Team/Ski/Cole-Drexler.html
Mandatory Leica seflie, CHECK
To begin the processes of reevaluating my workflow, as well as updating my outdated portfolio with new content.
Leica M6, Voigt 35mm f1.4, HP5@1600 in Xtol, v600
Ski The East.
First hike of the season; EC just got slammed with 30cm+!
Austin De Ste Croix - Switch Dub 9 Safety