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In Tow. #parkdale #toronto
#torontostreetphotography (at 99 Cent Zone)
Today is International Kodak Film Photography Day, I hope everyone got out there and shot some of the greatest B&W ever made! #ikfpd2014 #longlivekodak #400tx #buyfilmnotmegapixels (at Parkdale, Toronto)
So I guess “The Pond” is no longer a nickname.
Goodbye Weekend
Sidewalk Scootin’
I pray, I pray, all dogs go to Heaven, or to a new hell with a Wi-Fi connection; So I can pay for my sins on PayPal or own a holy ghost, a greyhound!
Took my new Fuji Track Classic fixie out for a rip down by the water tonight; see you in the winter public transit.
Just finished my very last roll of Tri-X so I’ll be switching over to my stock of ye’ old British Earl Grey for now. Which do you prefer?
Final critique of first year; damn that went by fast!
Reunited today after six weeks at the repair shop! Unfortunately, still seems to have that dreaded light leak. More test rolls tomorrow.
The Hoof at golden hour; almost wrapped up my photo production 4x5 final.
Robert Crenson - Cork 720 Tail
Front row for one of the most energetic shows of my life!
Had a really good chat with Chris today, definitely stop by if your ever in the area.
Best day of the season yesterday!