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Douglas Coupland; Gumhead. #douglascoupland #gumhead #vanartgallery (at Vancouver Art Gallery)
What in the world has happened to my grandparents?
Caught art-making.
Well; today was my last day FilmPlus Photo Supply for this summer. While I really enjoy working at a photo and rental store, it is probably for the better that I won’t be continuing through the upcoming school year.
Last minute The Northern Empties show.
In Tow.
Today is International Kodak Film Photography Day, I hope everyone got out there and shot some of the greatest B&W ever made!
So I guess “The Pond” is no longer a nickname.
Goodbye Weekend
Sidewalk Scootin’
I pray, I pray, all dogs go to Heaven, or to a new hell with a Wi-Fi connection; So I can pay for my sins on PayPal or own a holy ghost, a greyhound!
Took my new Fuji Track Classic fixie out for a rip down by the water tonight; see you in the winter public transit.
Just finished my very last roll of Tri-X so I’ll be switching over to my stock of ye’ old British Earl Grey for now. Which do you prefer?