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Shamed. #iparkedinabikelane #cyclist #torontofixed #toronto (at Simcoe St, Toronto)
Returning the XPan to FilmPlus tomorrow; I will definitely miss having this with me. I know lusting after cameras is quite unproductive, but it’s honestly astonishing how much a tool such as this can change the way you see things. Very excited to drop off all this Provia 100f at GPC in Ottawa (no proper e6 in Toronto) and get scanning. Who knows, an XPan might have a permanent place in my bag some time soon! #rant #hasselblad #xpan #buyfilmnotmegapixels  (at Toronto)
I can see you chimping. #notaleica #pulitzerprize ##photographerproblems #streetphotography #bloor #bloorstreet #toronto (at Gucci Toronto)
Douglas Coupland; Gumhead. #douglascoupland #gumhead #vanartgallery (at Vancouver Art Gallery)
What in the world has happened to my grandparents?
Caught art-making.
Well; today was my last day FilmPlus Photo Supply for this summer. While I really enjoy working at a photo and rental store, it is probably for the better that I won’t be continuing through the upcoming school year.
Last minute The Northern Empties show.
In Tow.
Today is International Kodak Film Photography Day, I hope everyone got out there and shot some of the greatest B&W ever made!
So I guess “The Pond” is no longer a nickname.
Goodbye Weekend
Sidewalk Scootin’